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Information for Guests Visiting Venue
for Private Events

How to find us?

We are located at 6630 Garsh Loop, Tampa, FL 33614 just off of Lambright and Dale Mabry behind Big G's Pizza & Grille (3742 W Lambright St, Tampa, FL 33614). You will enter from the restaurant entrance and drive around to the back of the property. We are the large white and grey building with windows and glass doors.



Please review our venue policies below as your event host may be fined for your violations

(venue is monitored with indoor & outdoor camera surveillance and onsite personnel):

Outside food & beverages are not permitted in venue by guests.  All authorized food & beverages will be provided by host/venue.

All minors must remain inside the ballroom at all times and are NOT permitted in outdoor patio/smoking area.  

Children MUST must be supervised at all times (this includes times during set up and clean up).

Venue guests may NOT loiter, tailgate, or play loud music on the PRIVATE property of Garsh Loop.

Venue guests may NOT tamper with venue's equipment or thermostats.

Venue guests are NOT authorized to enter venue's private or blocked off areas.

Venue guests are NOT permitted to remove any decorative or other items

(party favors will be distributed and clearly marked).

Use of vape pens, hookahs, smoke machines, and open flames are forbidden indoors.

Consumption of outside alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the PRIVATE property of Garsh Loop.

Spirit Station beverages are not permitted to leave the building under any circumstances.

Any and all illegal activities are forbidden on the premises. 


If your dinner service includes formal tableware, our service staff will clear your table of dirty dishes upon completion of the meal.  


If your event includes a Spirit Station (alcoholic beverages).

Please review the posted schedule for service times and details.

All 8oz beverages are served in oversized plastic cups to prevent spillage causing damage to our hardwood floors and/or injury to guests.

All cocktails are made with 1 oz. spirits (no free pours).

Complimentary beverages are determined by Host, all others will be available for purchase (we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, and Square).

Complimentary spirits are served as single shot cocktails only (no plain shots/no doubles). 

Complimentary alcoholic beverages are limited to one per person/per visit.

Complimentary services are for a maximum of 3 hours and will end promptly at scheduled time.

There will be no last call. Service times will be posted.

Guests may purchase beverages beyond complimentary limitations (i.e. straight shots, doubles, multiple drinks, or outside of scheduled service)

Spirit Station reserves the right of refusal to serve anyone without a valid ID, appearing to be under the age of 21, presenting to be unruly or overly intoxicated, and violating or challenging any venue policies.  Spirit Station also reserves the right to close at any time, at venue's discretion, if the safety of the venue, its staff, and or guests is in jeopardy (closing of entire event may also be required).

It is customary to tip bartenders, waiters, and other hospitality staff.  We thank you in advance for your kindness.

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