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Top 5 Finalists

Jenny Blackburn, John Campos, Peter "Patron" Cintron, Michael Fargas, Angela Remaley

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So You Think You Got Flava

Instructor Talent Search (Audition Contest)

​Check out Tampa's hottest instructors and let your voice be heard!  Vote for the instructors YOU think you should become Flava's NEXT Instructors! Can't attend the LIVE class?  No problem!  WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!!! With Flava OnDemand you can relive the experience of our Instructor Audition Competitioan with recap videos for each Contestant and the full finale class.


 The WINNER will be announced during the regular 5:30pm class on September 17th.


Our top 5 finalists have been announced and have been passed on to the final round where they will team teach together for a special class event on Tuesday, September 15th at 5:30pm.  All class participants will have the opportunity to cast their votes upon completion of the class.  The full one hour class will then be available for viewing through Flava OnDemand and online voting will be open for 24 hours.


Each Instructor will lead a total of 3 routines that contain the following requirements:

- Songs may not exceed 4 minutes in duration;

- 1 routine MUST be a Salsa rhythm;

- In addition to the Salsa requirement, 1 additional routine MUST be of a Latin rhythm NOT Merengue or Reggaeton;

- 1 routine MUST be of a lower cardiovascular intensity;

- 1 routine MUST demonstrate a fitness/toning focus; and

- Instructors may combine the above requirements as needed to fit into the 3 routines.


Scoring Process:

Live class participant votes will count for 60% of the final score.

Online voting will count for 20% of the final score

Our Judge Panel will announce their selections for 20% of the final score.


The WINNER will be announced during the class on Thursday, September 17th at 5:30pm.


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- NO Long Term Contracts

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Zumba Fitness, Booty Jam Fitness®, Pound Workout, R.I.P.P.E.D., LesMills BodyPump, LesMills BodyCombat, Tone & Sculpt, Pole Fitness, & More!

Watch The Finale Class

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