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General Rules & Code of Conduct

Studio Flava, LLC

Last Updated on 03/10/23



The following guidelines apply to ALL customers, visitors, patrons, tenants, employees, affiliates, or guests that enter the Business regardless of their purpose of visit. These guidelines are enforced by the Business Owner at all times with no exceptions.



  2. Outside alcoholic beverages are STRICTLY prohibited.

  3. Children are NOT to be left unsupervised anywhere in the building at any time and are NOT permitted in the outdoor patio/smoking area.

  4. The use of open flames, fog machines, vapors, or similar is STRICTLY prohibited.

  5. No persons are to move, turn off, unplug, adjust, attempt to repair, or in any other way tamper with any studio equipment (i.e., air conditioner, sound system).

  6. No persons are to move, relocate, utilize, or in any other way tamper with fixtures, furniture, or other studio property (i.e., tables, chairs, fitness equipment, decorations) or other items not considered reasonable use for the purpose of visit and must return any used items EXACTLY as found.

  7. No persons shall move, adjust, lean on, touch, or place personal items within two feet of mirror boxes, speakers, draping, tables, chairs, or other items that are not designed for storage and may cause damage or injury.

  8. No persons are to access or remove items from private or other areas (i.e., front desk, office area, storage areas, cabinets).

  9. Use of venue's sound system equipment by any professional disc jockey or the connecting of any enhancement amplifiers, sound boards, or other equipment to venue's sound equipment notwithstanding mp3 players, tablets, phones, laptops, or other similar devices is STRICTLY prohibited.

  10. Use of any kind of tape, adhesive, or penetrating materials on walls, floors, and ceilings is STRICTLY prohibited.

  11. No solicitation or persons conducting business transactions of any kind is authorized on the property without the written approval and proof of proper occupational license and liability insurance.

  12. All persons must vacate the property upon completion of use.  Loitering in the building or parking lot is prohibited.

  13. Any form of illegal activities to include, but not limited to, the use any drug or illegal substance use and/or distribution are strictly prohibited.



All visitors must agree to follow the Code of Conduct outlined herein.


Every person visiting “the premises” must check in with a staff member or other representative. No person shall freely roam the premises or participate in any activity without verifying the purpose of the visit and/or making any required payment for said services. Guests, students, instructors, or associates affiliated with a “sub-lease” of the premises, shall not be granted access to the premises until the individual responsible for the “sub-lease” is present and has properly “checked-in” with as outlined herein.

Studio Etiquette

Studio visitors must not impede or inhibit others from using and enjoying their services. Therefore, in visiting our studio and/or using our services, you agree not to: disrupt or interfere with class instruction or other services, jeopardize the security of the facility or participants in any way, or otherwise exhibit negative behavior in the facility by creating conflict with other participants, customers, instructors, or staff. All visitors must respect our property and equipment by following our “Rules of the Business Establishment,” cleaning up behind themselves, and removing all personal property upon exiting. We are not responsible for any unclaimed personal property and does not guarantee it will be stored for claim if recovered. It is the responsibility of “tenant” to ensure that guests, students, instructors, or associates affiliated with a “sub-lease” of the premises are informed of and follow all polices and etiquette and tenant will be held accountable for their failure to do so. 


Class Participation
All classes have a pre-determined maximum capacity and participants are granted entry on a first come first serve basis.  No participant shall demand, expect, or make claim to any specific space or position on the dancefloor, ask another participant to move, or physically invade the personal space of others. Participants are not required to perform any movements they are not comfortable with but are asked to keep moving in the same direction as the rest of the class to avoid injury or disruption. Participants that often need to stop, take a break, or modify movements are asked to remain on the sides or back of the class to easily excuse themselves.


No Solicitation
In consideration of our members/customers and the quality of their experience, we do not allow the solicitation of any products, brands, or services on the premises except for scheduled approved vendors.  All visitors are asked to respect our non-solicitation policy while utilizing our services and agree not to solicit to other patrons, instructors, staff or management in the facility, parking lot, or on any of our social media pages.


All children on the premises must be supervised at all times by an accompanying parent, guardian, or other responsible adult. Children may attend age-appropriate classes and events but MUST be capable of following our policies and participating in a manner that is not disruptive.  Children are expected to follow all codes of conduct and other terms and conditions to include any associated payment of services. Minors are required to stay inside the danceroom/ballroom at all times and may only leave the premises with a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult.  No child under the age of 13 will be permitted to utilize services that contain “Adult Content” (Classes with sexual or explicit content, etc.) regardless of parental consent. Children 13 and above may be permitted only with the consent of their parent or legal guardian.

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