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#FlavaVIP Membership Options

Individual #FlavaVIP Membership

Regular Price = $40 per month


#FlavaVIP Membership Includes:

Unlimited Weekly Classes


Plus Enjoy These Added Benefits:

- Online Class Reservations up to 30 days in Advance

- Exclusive VIP Discounts on All Events, Workshops, Sessions, & Other Services*

- Exclusive Offers & Discounts with Our Partners

- Exclusive Members ONLY "Date Nights with Flava Staff"

- Exclusive Classes and Other Activities

- Participation in the Flava Affiliate and Flava Ambassador Programs to "Workout for FREE" and earn cash back

- VIP Status that gives you direct access to Management and the ability to have a voice for YOUR studio


Convenient Month to Month Billing Agreement

NO Long Term Contracts

NO Annual Fees / NO Hidden Fees / NO Shady Fine Print

Cancel at ANY time for ANY reason with one month notice


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Friends/Family #FlavaVIP Membership

Regular Price = $30 per month


Give all of the great benefits of the #FlavaVIP Membership to your friends and family and SAVE $10 off each person you add to your account.

Flava Events Pass (Add-On Only)

Add-On Service = $15 per month


Add the Flava Events Pass to your #FlavaVIP Membership and never pay extra for holiday classes, special class events, and master classes hosted by Flava!


(Access to events is based on first come first serve with online reservation.  May not be valid for all charity and guest instructor events.)

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  • Terms & Conditions: Offer is based on the purchase of a reoccurring monthly autopay membership. Must pay first month's prorated fee upfront to enroll. Monthly fees must be paid by one account and deducted by automatic transfer from a checking or savings account. Membership may be canceled with ONE MONTH'S written notice in accordance with the terms of the membership agreement. Offer is not available in combination with any other introductory offers, discounted rates, rewards, sales, etc. Enrollment in Auto Pay Membership is a month to month agreement and provides discounted pricing for package renewals every month.

  • Activation & Expiration: I understand that the activation date is to be determined by the date of purchase or the expiration date of any active package I currently hold, whichever happens last. I understand that Memberships will remain active until cancelled in accordance with the membership terms & conditions. I further understand that by completing this transaction, I am acknowledging that I have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms and conditions. I also understand that this transaction will be a prorated discounted amount to reflect today's date, and all future payments will be charged at the full amount listed above on the 1st day of every following month.

  • Includes: Unless otherwise stated, purchase only includes "REGULAR" priced (or less) weekly scheduled classes and does NOT include "Premium" type classes. Memberships are NOT valid for any special events, holiday/Sunday classes, socials, workshops, and/or any other service unless otherwise stated during enrollment. VIP Membership entitles members to all advertised discounts on all services not included in membership.

  • Attendance: It is the sole responsibility of members to attend classes regularly throughout the term of their Membership to its full benefit.  If members fail to do so for ANY reason, they are not entitled to any additional credits for services, extensions, refunds or any other compensation. There may be short periods where FFS is closed due to inclement weather, holidays, or other unforeseen circumstances that may cause classes not be held. Furthermore FFS reserves the right to add, remove or change classes at any time with the guarantee that a minimum of 5 regular classes will be held each week. Memberships are based on the calendar month beginning the 1st day of every month.

  • Cancellation: This agreement constitutes a month to month continuous payment plan and will remain in effect until terminated by the member by completing an official Cancellation Request Form (CRF) to be submitted in person or via www.flavafitnessstudio.com. It is agreed that in order to terminate this agreement without incurring any additional fees, a CRF must be received one month prior to the next billing date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the member’s bank account to be charged for one additional and final payment. This agreement will terminate the last day of the month after final payment has been applied. Members may continue to attend classes and utilize their membership through the month of final payment. Cancellations WILL NOT be accepted via email, telephone, social media, messages, or by any other means other than completing a CRF.  Submittal of a cancellation form does not relieve member from being responsible from any outstanding payments and/or the agreed upon final payment.

  • Insufficient Funds/Returned Payments & Failure to Honor: A fee of $15.00 will be AUTOMATICALLY charged for all returned payments for insufficient funds, expired accounts, or any other reason. Failure to provide payment within 60 days from due date will result in the termination of the existing membership and the account holder WILL BE REPORTED TO A THIRD PARTY AGENCY FOR COLLECTIONS.  Amounts sent to collections will include any and all past due fees plust $15 per returned/not honored payment and $13 collection administrative fee.  Furthermore, account holder will not be eligible to take advantage of any future opportunities for memberships, sales, promotions or any other discounts with FFS. FFS reserves the right not to honor any future promotional purchases made by terminated individuals who did honor their membership agreement.