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Individual #FlavaVIP Membership

$60 / per month

Unlimited Virtual & Traditional Classes + Enjoy These Added Benefits:

- Equipment Loaner Program NEW

- Add a Buddy for FREE

- Reoccurring Class Reservations

- Exclusive VIP Status

- Exclusive Offers & Discounts

- Participation GOLD Member Referral Program to "Workout for FREE" and and become an Ambassador

- Convenient Month to Month Billing Agreement

NO Long Term Contracts / NO Annual Fees / NO Hidden Fees / NO Shady Fine Print

Cancel at ANY time for ANY reason with one month notice

Friends/Family #FlavaVIP Membership

$100 / per month

Share the #FlavaVIP Member benefits and save 25%

- Min 2 people on one account, max of 3

- Includes all #FlavaVIP benefits

Flava Events Pass (Add-On Only)

$15 / per month

Add the Flava Events Pass to your #FlavaVIP Membership and never pay extra for holiday classes, special class events, and master classes hosted by Flava!

(Access to events is based on first come first serve with online reservation. May not be valid for all charity and guest instructor events.)