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Become an Affiliate & Start Earning 


That’s right!  And all you have to do is continue to do what you are already doing… come to class and tell everyone you know about FlavaFitness Studio!!!!  Or even if you don't attend classes with us, you can still become an affiliate and start earning money.


Do we have your attention yet?  Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not!  Let us tell you how it works…..


We have an amazing and affordable VIP Membership program  (“#FlavaVIP”) that includes unlimited classes and exclusive discounts. All you have to do is tell everyone you know about this deal and get as many people as you can to sign up for it.  Put a link on your website, share on your social media pages, etc.  In return, FlavaFitness Studio will pay you a commission of $5 for every membership we receive from your referrals.  Your commission will be paid EVERY month as long as the member remains enrolled.

FFS Affiliate Program

Now that we have your attention, let us give the fine print.



  • Individuals interested in becoming an Affiliate simply need to complete the form below;

  • Affiliates will receive an Affiliate Code and a discounted membership price offer to share in response to completing the form;

  • Affiliates will provide this code to their referalls to ensure they get the proper Affiliate receives the credit;

  • Affiliates will receive credit for all referrals regardless of which studio participants choose to enroll for;

  • Commission payments will begin upon successful receipt of one full month’s fee by the referred member not including any deposits, enrollment fees, and or prorated amounts;

  • Payments will be made by the 10th of each month directly to the affiliate's checking account;

  • Payments will be made to Affiliate every month as long as the referred member remains enrolled in #FlavaVIP; and

  • FlavaFitness Studios is limiting the total number of memberships that can be sold by all sources so once the cap has been met no one else will be able to enroll and Affiliate’s ability to earn any further commission will end.

So when can you start? RIGHT NOW!

There is no time to waste as in addition to any Affiliates, all FlavaFitness Studio staff members will also be referring new members to take advantage of #FlavaVIP31 and there is a limited supply.


Get started right away and let us do all of the work for you!  We have already created an online registration site for you to direct your referrals to (of course, they can always do it in person at the studio as well).  There is nothing for you to do besides continue to tell everyone how much you love FlavaFitness Studio and how great this deal is!  Just share the link with and make sure everyone enters your Affiliate Code in the Promo Code section to ensure that you get credit for the referral.  FFS Management will handle all of the payment processing and tracking of active memberships.  Once we have received an enrollment with your Affiliate Code, you will be contacted by FlavaFitness Studio to obtain your banking information to begin receiving your monthly compensation!